In order to thrive, Consumer Goods companies must be able to dynamically set, execute and adjust Promotions in real-timeToday, existing systems support an antiquated lengthy planning & adjustment cycle which leaves you exposed to rapidly changing market dynamics and nimble competitors.

Uniquely, Aforza enables you to make this change, in 90 days or less.

Join our webinar on 8th October at 11am CET or 6pm CET to learn how.


10am GMT / 11am CET

6pm CET / 12 noon EST
What will you see? 
  1. Plan: Define Promotions using Active Segmentation that meet business needs at that precise moment in time and simulate customer reach to determine budget impact. 
  2. Execute: Eliminate in-field execution errors by connecting Order outcomes to Promotions in real-time with Aforza Order Capture, Pricing & Validation.
  3. Improve: Uncover the financial progress and ROI of your Promotions in real-time, allowing you to change tactics in-flight and ensure you always hit your target.


Join our webinar on 8th October at 11am CET or 6pm CET and learn how easy Aforza is to implement & integrate with your ERP systems. Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect to see on the day:TPM Launch Promotion Validation-NEW-2