There’s little doubt that 2020 was one of the most challenging years for the Consumer Goods industry in living memory. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to rethink and fast-track their digital transformation strategies and investments.

A combination of localised lockdowns and shifting consumer behaviour put agility at the heart of survival. Moving into 2021, smarter use of technology will be the key to recovery.

However, there isn’t time for IT projects that take years to deliver value. Driving revenue growth in 2021 requires technology innovation that delivers value, now.

Join our free Digital Innovation Summit on January 28th and get insights from industry experts who will cover practical ‘in-the-moment’ topics including active customer segmentation, hyperlocal pricing, AI-driven predictive ordering and the connection of trade promotion planning to in-field execution.


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Featuring industry veteran speakers:


    Agenda: Build Back Stronger in 2021 - Digital Innovation Summit

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Build Back Stronger: The key to revenue growth in 2021.


Breakout 1

Know your Customer & Beat the Competition: with hyper granular targeting and pricing; at Internet speed.


Breakout 2

Never Waste Another Promotion Dollar: with real-time ROI tracking, in-flight adjustments and AI driven optimization.


Breakout 3

Get Value in Weeks Not Years: because there isn't time to pause; hear real-life stories from the field.


Breakout 4

Re-Establish HORECA Fast: with real-time intelligence gathering and order capture; on and offline.


Breakout 5

Future-Proofing: learn about the technology innovations that deliver revenue growth, now.



Get Prepared for 2021: Closing Remarks. 

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Every session will be packed full of actionable tips, tricks and demos. And, just in case you needed further convincing, here are just some of the things you can expect to see live on the day! 


Promotion Execution: Connect Field Execution to Promotions with real-time Pricing and Validation.
TPM Launch Promotion Validation-NEW-2


Promotion Performance Insight: Tune in-flight Promotions with real-time insight into their performance & ROI.
Promotion Performance